Performance Management

World Communication delivers performance management solutions that guide organizations in the most profitable directions with timely, reliable insights, scenario modeling, and transparent and timely reporting.

World Communication’s performance management solutions enable you to:

  • Track performance against corporate objectives to identify performance gaps, and perform “what-if” scenarios to assess alternatives
  • Replace rigid budgets with continuous planning and more frequent forecasting
  • Link financial and operational plans through driver-based models.
  • Improve financial processes and controls, especially in the final stages before disclosure.
  • Connect key financial processes to core business analytics capabilities
  • Ensure the quality and accuracy of financial numbers for timely, sustainable regulatory compliance, including IFRS and XBRL-tagged reporting.

Our Performance management capabilities include:

  • Revenue Planning
  • Operational Expense Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Balance Sheet Budgeting
  • P&L Budgeting
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